Historical Timeline

August, 1874 – Caroline (Carrie) Filling is born in Woodville, Ohio.

November, 1916 – Carrie Filling is married to George Vajen in Napoleon, Ohio.

Spring, 1957 – Carrie’s husband, George died.

January, 1958 – Filling Home incorporated.

August, 1958 – Groundbreaking ceremony for the Filling Memorial Home of Mercy. Pastor Emil Moser becomes the Homes first Administrator.

September, 1959 - The original building opened and served 13 adults and 16 children.

July, 1961 – Carrie (Filling) Vajen dies after lapsing into a coma.

September, 1965 – Women’s Guild of the Filling Memorial Home of Mercy is organized.

May, 1966 – ground breaking for south addition.

February, 1967 – The first meeting of the Association of Congregations is held.

August, 1967 – south wing addition complete and dedication held.

November, 1967 – 22 children and 14 adults reside at Filling Homes.

February, 1968 – Board membership was increased from 7 to 9.

September, 1968 – Pastor Emil Moser resigns as CEO. He is elected President of the Board of Trustees.

October, 1968 – Pastor Raymond Quade hired as the new Administrator as a replacement for Pastor Emil Moser.

April, 1969 – The first Moser Memorial Nursing Scholarship is awarded by the Women’s Guild in the amount of $250.00.

November, 1971 - It was decided to build a three-bedroom home for the Administrator beside the Filling Home.

February, 1973 – Pastor Raymond Quade resigned as Administrator.

July, 1973 - Pastor Theodore Dockter assumes his responsibilities as Administrator of Filling Homes.

May, 1978 – Pastor Theodore Dockter resigned as the Homes third Administrator.

March, 1979 – Paul E. Oehrtman is hired as the 4th Administrator of the Home.

August, 1984 - Ground was broke with the intent to build a new kitchen and dining room at the Home.

November, 1984 – Filling Homes becomes a member of The Coalition of Ohio Lutheran Agencies.

April, 1987 – The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod has accepted Filling Homes as a recognized service organization and offers their support.

May, 1987 – An Employee Scholarship in the amount of $250.00 was established.

July, 1992 – The certificate to occupy the four new living units that were added to the south end of the building was received.

1993 – Filling Home Foundation is formed.

September, 1995 – Filling Homes Habilitation Center (link) opens providing services to approximately 30 participants. Funding provided by CAFS – a mix of state and local funds.

June, 1996 – Filling Homes becomes a provider of supported living services.

August, 1996 – Filling Homes enters into a management agreement with CARES of Northwest Ohio which consisted of a home on Cardinal Drive in Bryan and Egly Drive in West Unity.

September, 1997 – A facility vehicle parking structure is added.

July, 1998 – A new 50 x 100 storage building is added beside the parking structure.

February, 1999 – The old Chapel was demolished and a new Chapel was constructed in the same location.

September, 2002 – Filling Homes merged with CARES of Northwest Ohio. The Board membership was increased from 9 to 12.

May, 2003 – A new break room, laundry room, and Administrative wing is constructed at the Main Campus.

May, 2003 - Filling Homes replaces original sewage plant with new plant.

June, 2005 – CAFS program is eliminated. Over the next 18 months, all residents from the Base Facility and several from Cardinal & Egly are transferred to Filling Homes Day Program with nearly 60 participating.

August, 2005 - A new Activities Center and Therapeutic Pool is added at the Main Campus.

October, 2005 – A former bed and breakfast is purchased by Filling Home Foundation located on West Street in Archbold. This home is used as a residence for community services clients.

August, 2006 – First client on a community waiver is enrolled in the Filling Homes Habilitation Center.

October, 2006 – The Official Naming Ceremony of the Christopher A. Hanson Aquatic Center and the Timothy R. Hanson Wellness Activity Center (link) was held.

October, 2006 – FMHM Community Living Corporation is formed.

October, 2006 – FMHM Housing Corporation is formed.

September, 2007 – Fulfilling Housing corporation is formed.

December, 2008 – Fulfilling Housing II, Fulfilling Housing III, and Fulfilling Housing IV corporations are formed.

April, 2009 – The Soaring Arts Studio was launched from the Filling Homes Habilitation Center made possible because of a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.

February, 2010 – New waterline to the City of Napoleon is completed.

June, 2010 – Trinity Episcopal Church in Bryan is purchased, renovated, and renamed, Trinity Place.

September, 2010 – Three new homes (Harmony Drive & Oxford Street in Napoleon, and Sylvanus Street in Archbold) were built with funds made available through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

October, 2011 – Trinity Place remodeling is complete and a day program is started serving adults who live at Cardinal and Egly Homes.

June, 2013 – At a special meeting of the Filling Homes Association of Congregations, the members approve the endorsement of a new joint venture between Filling Homes and Luther Home of Mercy, Williston, Ohio to form Lutheran Ministries of Mercy (LMM).

June, 2013 – Paul Oehrtman retires as Executive Director/CEO.

July, 2013 – The first Board Meeting for LMM is held. Pastor Donald Wukotich is appointed as the new President/CEO for LMM.

July, 2014 – Three new homes (Clairmont Avenue in Napoleon, and Neva Drive and Lillian Lane in Wauseon) were built with funds made available through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

April, 2015 – Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio joins LMM.

December, 2015 – Filling Homes obtains ownership of the former Society for the Handicapped Building in Napoleon, Ohio. The building is named the Filling Homes Community Center (FHCC). Filling Homes Adult Day Services program begins at this location.

May, 2017 – Pastor Donald Wukotich retired as President/CEO. Terri Rodriguez is appointed the new President/CEO for LMM.

June, 2021 – Studio Express….Paint, Pottery and More opens their doors as a new Adult Day Services program located in downtown Napoleon.