Filling Fall Fling

Filling Fall Fling
Saturday, November 7, 2020

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November 3, 2018 was a fantastic day for Filling Homes….The Filling Fall Fling took place in Filling Homes’ gym just as it for the last 14 years. Only this year, some very special things took place, and the result will be a new adaptive minivan for the transportation of Filling Homes’ residents!

A couple of hundred people turned out on this beautiful, sunny, autumn day to share lunch and yummy baked treats while listening to great Polka music by Norbert Rohrs and his Happy Times Band and getting a preview of the many items to be auctioned off later in the afternoon. In the time before the auction, there was plenty to do from bidding on silent auction items to putting a ticket in various raffles for a chance to win a prize, to mingling and shopping with the Filling Homes vendors that offered unique, one-of-a-kind art from Soaring Arts Studio, tasty popcorn from Fountain City Snacks—a Trinity Place business, and a special edition calendar for 2019 from the Filling Homes Hab Center that featured a compilation of beautiful paintings created from the hands, feet and fingerprints of the residents who attend the Center.

Every bit of support from those who attended was greatly appreciated AND thanks to a generous donation from a private donor, monetary gifts were matched, $1 for every $2, up to $8,000! The public response to this offer was overwhelming, and knowing that the stakes were high, freely and generously bid, bought and participated to propel us toward our goal of 16,000 total dollars that would help us take full advantage of the matching funds offer and get us $24,000 closer to purchasing that new, adaptive minivan!

The Women’s Guild is thrilled to report that the funds raised that day have been tallied and more than $17,000 has been received!

Yes, we are $25,000+ closer to purchasing what we like to call freedom and opportunity for the people served by Filling Homes. Transportation is a pricey proposition that faces our mission, but what it means for those who use it to access their community and experience all sorts of new and exciting adventures, you can’t put a price on. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for sharing our mission to provide this great gift for some very special people.

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