Soaring Arts Studio

Soaring Arts Studio, is a Filling Homes’ Adult Day Services site located at 119 West Washington St., Napoleon, Ohio.

It serves as an outlet for adults interested in creative expression and also as a site for supported employment training where clients are paid minimum wage to perform duties associated with the operation of the business. In addition, artists are paid a commission for contribution to merchandise that is sold. The Studio encourages the freedom to explore different mediums.

When Soaring Arts Studio began, clients were enabled to paint beautiful and unique canvases that soon began to serve as the foundation for items where clients' original artwork designs were applied to each item creating one-of-a-kind, functional works of art such as tote bags and potholders.

Now, Soaring Arts has blossomed into a full-fledged art studio where artists pursue any art medium they desire. The result is fantastic!

Anything from wood burning pieces to clay figures to alcohol ink painted tiles can be found, and Henna tattoos, face painting and custom designed clothing and other articles are offered to name just a few!

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