Adult Day Services

Habilitation Center

The Filling Homes Habilitation Center is an Adult Day Services site located on the north end of the base facility next to the Chapel.

In the Hab Center, Filling Homes’ residents are assisted in learning skills through direct experience. Meaningful goals are set through each person’s Individual Habilitation Plan, and Hab Center staff strive to help individuals achieve these goals as independently as possible.

Trinity Place

Trinity Place is a Filling Homes’ center for Adult Day Services located in the former Trinity Episcopal Church in Bryan, Ohio. Here adults with developmental disabilities are supported in reaching their greatest level of independence in a very person-oriented environment that nurtures the individual interests and desires for achievement of each client who participates.

Filling Homes Community Center

Filling Homes opened the doors of a new facility and a new opportunity for our Adult Day Service clients...the Filling Homes Community Center!

This building was a generous gift to our ministry from the Society for the Handicapped! Located at 470 Independence Dr., this building is remembered by many as the old roller skating rink. It is a beautiful structure in excellent condition with a whole host of possibilities for the people that we serve!

Soaring Arts Studio

Soaring Arts Studio is the haven of creative expression for the Filling Home Habilitation Center. Adults with developmental disabilities are free to explore color and design through staff-facilitated experiences that encourage the process, but never dictate the outcome.

The result is beautiful and unique painted canvases that serve as the foundation for a host of items produced right here in the Hab Center. Clients' original artwork designs are reproduced on these canvases and appliqued to the items creating one-of-a-kind, functional works of art!

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