Supported Living

Supported Living is a program of Filling Home that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities in their own homes and in the community. Filling Home began serving individuals in supported living settings in 1996 as the need for support for individuals in the community became apparent.

Filling Home's Supported Living recipients demonstrate a wide range of abilities, thus requiring quite specific, individual support services to foster their independence. These individuals make their own choices regarding the services they receive, and they are encouraged to participate as fully as possible as members of the communities in which they live.

Supported Living services include but are not limited to personal care, money management, meal planning and preparation, home maintenance, recreational activities, medical follow up, and shopping. Supported living services are supported through Individual Options Waivers and Level 1 Waivers, which are a partnership of federal, state, and county funds. Individuals are provided services based on his/her need for support. Some need services a few hours a week yet most others receive 24-hour care in homes where they may live on their own or with up to 4 peers.

Information regarding Waivers, what they are and who can get them, may be obtained by contacting Filling Home's community services administrator or the county's services and support administrator.

If you choose to receive Filling Home's Supported Living Services we promise to:

  • Treat you with courtesy, respect, and dignity
  • Assist you to reach your greatest level of independence
  • Provide quality services in a personalized, caring manner
  • Encourage you, the consumer, to make choices about your life.
  • Strive to ensure your safety as appropriate
  • Work with you and the County Board to ensure that your needs are met
  • Work with you to resolve any concerns or difference of opinion
  • Maintain your right to privacy and keep your information confidential
  • Follow the Individual Service Plan (ISP)

Please contact Filling Homes' Director of Community Services at 419-592-6451 ext.1203 with any questions or for more information.