"Jesus loves me this I know!" Are there any sweeter words than these? The Chaplain at the Filling Home provides opportunities for all persons within the organization to experience the love of Jesus in their lives. Some of the formal opportunities to experience Jesus's love are through: Bible study, confirmation class, worship, small group activities and one on one visits.

Weekly Bible studies occur at the Base facility on Wednesdays and Fridays. In these groups, residents enjoy learning about God's love and care for them through Bible stories, crafts and songs.

Monthly Bible studies are held on Wednesday nights at Cardinal and Egly homes.

Confirmation classes are also offered for anyone interested. A curriculum has been developed to help those with intellectual disabilities understand God's amazing love for them, and the many ways God can and does use them in this world.

Weekly worship is on Thursdays. Staff and residents are all invited to attend worship. Here, God's love is lifted up in story, ritual, prayer and song. Residents are encouraged to participate in any way they are able. Opportunities to lead prayer, request songs, sing, play bells or maracas, acolyte, asking and answering questions are some ways residents are active in worship. There are worship opportunities at both Trinity Place and the base facility in Napoleon.

Community Worship is held in the Filling Home Chapel located at the base facility in Napoleon, the third Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. This service is open for anyone in the community with a disability. This is also a wonderful worship opportunity for persons with disabilities and their families to worship together.

Every year all residents within the Filling Homes organization have a Christmas program in which all staff and family members are invited. All residents actively participate in announcing the wonderful event of Jesus' birth.

Pastoral Care is an on going presence. The Chaplain is available for: hospital visits; one on one visits; baptisms; weddings; funerals and counseling.

The Chaplain is available to all residents, staff and family members of the Filling Home organization.