WNDH/Filling Home Radio Program

Weekly, Lori Siclair interviews someone associated with the Filling Homes to highlight a service, program or event.  

The Filling Homes Radio Program is broadcasted on Napoleon Radio Station WNDH and is archived on this page.

Years of Service Celebration

Filling Homes to Honor 36 Employees for Milestone Work Anniversaries

A Conversation with Director of Human Resources, Lori Adams

Shredding Service

Filling Homes Community Center Can Help with Your Resolutions

A Conversation with Jessica Stover, ADS Supervisor for FHCC

New Year, New Career

A Career Opportunities at Filling Homes

A Conversation with Emily Meyers, Recruitment Specialist

Giving Tuesday 2020

A Goal of Outdoor Equipment

A Conversation with Jean Cohrs, Executive Assistant

Community Living

Training Staff to Deliver Excellent Care

A Conversation with Megan Ridley, Community Services Nursing Coordinator

Santa Comes to Filling Homes

How Christmas Gets Done

A Conversation with Barbara Resendez, Resident Properties Coordinator

Success Coach

Employee Resource Network Benefit for Employee

A Conversation with Carol Slight, Vice President

Kicking off new recruitment strategies

A new $500 hiring bonus and higher starting wage

A conversation with Emily Meyers, Recruitment Specialist

Planting Seeds

Remembering Filling Homes, Leaving a Legacy

A Discussion with Jeanette Hrovatich, Director of Planned Giving

Filling Homes 60th Anniversary

Mission is the Legacy

Conversation with Carol Slight

Vice President of Filling Homes