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Filling Homes offers a wide range of services to people with developmental disabilities in Henry, Fulton, Defiance and Williams Counties. The unique abilities of each person require individual supports to foster independence.  Additionally, individuals Filling Homes serves are encouraged to make choices regarding the services they receive as well as to participate as fully as possible as member of the communities in which they live.

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Originally, Filling Homes was built to be solely a residential home for children with developmental disabilities. However, over the years as the children grew to adulthood and no other residential services were available to care for them, these adults remained as residents of Filling homes. Today, Filling Homes is licensed to provide residential services for 54 individuals.  Occasionally, filling homes cares for individuals on an “emergency basis” for up to a year, when families face problems that mean they can no longer care for a child or adult with developmental disabilities.

Over the years, the original Filling Homes began to expand its services in other areas to provide support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In the fall of 1996, Filling Homes took over the management of two group homes, one in West Unity, Ohio, and one in Bryan, Ohio, providing 24-hour care for 16 adults. However, in January of 2000, these group homes became a permanent part of Filling Homes. As is the case with Filling Homes—the base residential facility—the group homes are funded through the State of Ohio Medicaid program and are governed under the same State of Ohio regulations for provision of services. Periodic reviews are conducted by the State of Ohio to ensure that regulation compliance is met for provided services.

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In addition to beginning group home services in 1996, Filling Homes also began serving individuals in supported living settings. Supported living services are provided through Waivers, which are is a partnership of federal, state and county funds. An individual is provided services based on his or her need for support. Some need services a few hours a week, yet most others receive 24-hour care in homes that house three to four people.

In addition, Filling Homes offers services to our surrounding community by offering the use of the Therapy Center therapeutic pool as well as Arthritis Foundation-sanctioned arthritis classes, use of the fitness room, rental of the gymnasium for a host of activities, etc. More information can be found under the facilities tab.