Filling Homes Celebrates 60 Years!

Instead of going through the motions…

What if Carrie Filling Vajen had lived her Christian life “going through the motions”? What if she had chosen to be served and not to serve? What if her heart for the weak and forgotten had not moved her to be Jesus to the last and the least?

When Carrie Filling Vajen decided to give everything, to do more than just what was expected of a Christian, she, in honor and memory of the Filling family, opened the doors to this Home of Mercy. At that time, she may not have understood the significance of her actions, but 60 years later, we understand clearly what Filling Homes has meant to those we serve.

When those doors opened, the doors to fulfillment of lives for people with developmental disabilities opened too. What Carrie planted in 1959 has blossomed and grown. From expansion of facilities to development of services to increased people served, Filling Homes is accomplishing exactly what Carrie Filling Vajen meant for it to do—touch lives.

Filling Homes founder was not a Christian “going through the motions”. She was Jesus to the least of us.

Through all of 2019, we will commemorate her example of love, have a look back at the evolution of Filling Homes and celebrate all that has been achieved in our service to people with DD.

We hope you’ll celebrate with us.