Board of Directors

Lutheran Ministries of Mercy

Board Officers

Charles Winters - Chair
Christina Fletcher - 1st Vice Chair
Michelle Dean - 2nd Vice Chair
Timothy Schumm - Treasurer
Denise Lalonde - Secretary

Annual Meeting

LMM Annual Meeting is held in March.


Members of the Board are elected at the Annual Meeting.


  • Bobbie Abel
  • Bob Bethel
  • Jan Bratton
  • Juli Lejman-Guy
  • Stephen Lutz
  • Jeff Mires
  • Barbara Moellman
  • Christine Palmer
  • Michael Scheiding
  • Edward Schulte
  • Jeffrey Schwartz
  • Chester Trail
  • Nathan Zechman

FMHM Housing Board of Directors


Steve Graf
Lori Beakas
Cindee Hinkleman

FMHM Housing meetings are held annually.

Foundation Board of Directors

The Filling Foundation was established in 1993 and acts as an endowment to provide for the long-term future of Filling Homes mission and ministry.

The Foundation Board is managed by three members. The members of the board are chosen because of their dedication and commitment to our ministry and their financial, investment, and business expertise. These Board members must be prior FMHM Board Members.

The Foundation Board manages and invests endowment funds exclusively for the benefit of Filling Homes and our commitment to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. By building the assets of the Foundation, we ensure future security for the people we provide supports and services.


Thomas Manahan
Marvin Dietsch
Paul Oehrtman

Meetings - The Board meets quarterly:


Fulfilling Housing Board of Directors

The Fulfilling Housing Board's purpose is to provide elderly or handicapped families and persons on a nonprofit basis, rental housing and related facilities and services specially designed to meet the physical, social and psychological needs of the aged or handicapped.


Fulfilling Housing meetings are held annually.


Paul Oehrtman
Nancy Helmke
Lori Beakas
Chris Palmer
Patricia Fisher