About Us

Filling Homes is a faith based not for profit organization that provides services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Henry, Fulton, Williams, and Defiance Counties. There are 42 Lutheran Church congregations in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan which comprise the corporate membership of Filling Memorial Home of Mercy Inc.

In our Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) we care for those who are medically fragile or require physical assistance. Through our Community Services program, we serve individuals in-group settings.

Individuals have a wide range of abilities and require different levels of support. Filling Homes works to tailor our services to meet a person’s needs.

We are unique in our ability to serve those with complex health requirements with no age restrictions for placement. Our services range from complete twenty-four hours a day seven days a week care to

only a few hours a week of supervision. The level of service depends upon the individual’s needs and wishes.

It is our commitment to provide the highest quality of services that ensure a person’s health, safety, and well being.

Filling Homes is…

  • An affiliated Social Ministry Organization of the Evangelical Church in America (ELCA).
  • A recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LC-MS).
  • An Intermediate Care Facility for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ICF/IDD).
  • Licensed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) as an agency provider of Supported Living Services and Medicaid Waiver Services throughout the State of Ohio.
  • A member of Lutheran Services in America (LSA), and a founding member of the Lutheran Services in America – Disabilities Network (LSA-DN).
  • A sponsoring member of LSA-Ohio.
  • A founding member of the Values & Faith Alliance (VFA).
  • Affiliated with the Four Lutheran Agencies in Northwest Ohio.
  • A 501 (C) (3), making gifts and contributions tax deductible according to the law.

Our History

An Inspiring Venture of Faith

The construction of the original Filling Home of Mercy was made possible by the generosity of Mrs. Carrie Filling Vajen. The establishment of this “Home of Mercy” grew naturally out of her sincere Christian desire to provide a place of refuge and care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who would find it difficult to receive care anywhere else. Carrie donated the Filling Family homestead to be used as the site for this home, plus farm ground to help support it. Very unselfishly, she wanted the Home to be a memorial, not to herself, but to the whole Filling family.

The original building opened in September 1959, and served 13 adults and 16 children. Over the years, Filling Homes has changed to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Not only has our original building made physical changes, we have worked diligently to tailor our services to meet the unique and specific wants and requirements of each person.

Filling Homes is currently licensed to serve 54 individuals at our base facility and 16 clients in group home settings. Additionally, an equal number of people are served through our community services program, and over 60 in our day program in Henry, Williams, Fulton, and Defiance Counties.

Please feel free to browse the complete historical timeline (Historical Timeline) of Filling Homes to see the many changes we have made over the years.

Our Mission

Recognizing that we are all created in God’s image, our mission is to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in reaching their greatest level of independence in a caring community of respect, dignity, and partnership.

Our Vision

Filling Homes reflects the belief that as children of God, each individual was created with a purpose, special abilities, talents and self-worth. By recognizing that fact, we also acknowledge that every person created has the opportunity for achievement based on his or her individual needs and wants.

Our Values

  • Christ-Centered Disciples – If we are Christ centered, all we do is an expression of faith.
  • Effective Stewards – If we are effective stewards, we seek constant improvements in efficiency.
  • Family – If we are to work as a family, we work together to love, to help and to forgive each other.
  • Friendraiser – If we are friendraisers, we seek donations with a purpose; we share our ministry, and its financial challenges.
  • Visionary – If we are visionaries, we consistently seek the best way to meet the needs of others.
  • Values-Based Decision Making – Our core value is centered in our faith in Christ – all decisions we make must be based on how we best reflect our faith in Christ.
  • Responsible – We are responsible when we remember we must fully utilize skills and accept limitations. All choices for service must be made in a way that acknowledges the needs of those we serve and those with whom we work.
  • Advocates – We are advocates when we seek the best for others.