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Trinity Place is a program center for adults with developmental disabilities located in the former facilities of Trinity Episcopal Church in Bryan, Ohio. The activities at Trinity Place embody the Filling Home Habilitation Center's mission to support individuals with developmental disabilities to reach their greatest level of independence in a caring community of respect, dignity and partnership.

Trinity Place clients are offered individualized opportunities to:Trinity

    • Plan and prepare meals
    • Play games, do crafts and puzzles
    • Discuss current events
    • Participate in Bible studies
    • Receive individually prescribed physical activity
    • Take part in exercise and dance classes
    • Enjoy walking and bike riding
    • Discover creative self-expression through Soaring Arts Activities
    • Complete recycling and paper shredding
    • Produce and sell dog treats
    • Participate in gardening
    • Visit the Hab Center in Napoleon, Ohio to participate in swimming, adapted sports, and other group activities.