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 The Filling Home Habilitation Center's mission is to provide a day program where the clients and staff depend on each other, and the surroundings to enhance operations. The social and cultural forces in our programs positively shape our clients and staff as a whole. We assist the clients in working or learning skills through direct experience, rather than passive observation. We strive to make the situation or conditions favorable for attainment of each client's individual goals. We desire to help them achieve goals that are meaningful to them and to do it through their own efforts, or as independently as possible. We want all of the clients to personally observe, encounter, or undergo things that they would not otherwise do if we did not provide that experience.

The Hab Center's mission is implemented in a facility that consists of 8 dedicated environments. The "recreation and leisure" room, provides clients with opportunities to develop and maintain social relationships and family contacts. Other activities include baking and various community service projects. The sensory area, is actually made up of 2 defined spaces, and is used to provide sensory activities and use of devices that are not available in the residential setting. The "Sensory Room" is a gathering place where 5-6 clients and 2 staff participate in therapeutic activities, and clients whose experience is enhanced through alternate positioning can receive it. This is also where our clients who do not dine orally gather for socialization during our regular dining period.  The second room of the sensory area is the "Sensorium". The Sensorium is a specialized, multi-sensory environment equipped with a variety of audio, visual, and tactile devices that offer clients self-determined sensory experiences for the purpose of stress-relief and relaxation.

The "Soaring Arts Studio" is where Hab Center clients are encouraged to express themselves creatively through activities such as painting, design creation and assembly of Soaring Arts items that are sold in our own store. Another creative outlet is provided to our clients in the "Jewelry and Card Making" room. Here clients make crafts and also produce items, such as bracelets, for sale through Soaring Arts. The "Garden Room" gives clients interested in getting outdoors the chance to complete gardening tasks like weeding and watering in the Filling Home's own vegetable gardens. In the winter, the "Garden Room" also allows clients to plant seeds indoors and process harvested produce either by cooking it or preserving it. This is also the area where clients make and package dog biscuits to supply our Soaring Pets business venture (a subsidiary of Soaring Arts). The "Pre-vocational" room is where clients perform community volunteer activities. Clients may choose to participate in recycling, paper shredding, or volunteer assembly of such things as pizza boxes, newsletter, etc. Additionally they can work on the cleaning crew or in the Soaring Arts store.

The Hab Center provides our clients with worship opportunities in our "Chapel". Worship services are conducted by Filling Home Chaplain, Denise Brown and occur every Thursday afternoon for Hab clients and every first Wednesday of the month for Hab clients as well as the community at large.