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Filling Homes is a member of Lutheran Services in America Disability Network (LSA-DN).  LSA-DN is a nationwide association of Lutheran social ministry organizations serving the needs of people with developmental disabilities and related conditions.  LSA-DN is network associated with Lutheran Services in America (LSA), which is an alliance of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and their affiliated and recognized social ministry organizations.

LSA–DN includes 17 members which provide support to more than 18,000 individuals with developmental disabilities in 33 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our members share many strengths and advantages, but the driving force that brings us together is our mission, providing a ministry of support which is responsive to the needs of those served.

The members share expertise in developing and providing high-quality individualized support, including rehabilitation services, work programs, residential services, respite care and independent living.  They have established partnerships with one another to link resources and skills in order to better serve their communities and constituents.  They invest surplus revenues in service and programs to meet the health, spiritual and emotional needs of those they serve.
The programs of the Lutheran Services in America Disability Network are available to all people regardless of color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, handicap or age.

Organization  Web Site  Telephone 
 Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services, Inc.   http://www.blhs.org   800.383.8743 
 Filling Homes  http://www.fillinghome.org   419.592.6451
 Graceworks Lutheran Services  http://www.graceworks.org   937.433.2140
 KenCrest Centers  http://www.kencrest.org   610.825.9360
 LSS of Illinois  http://www.lssi.org   847.635.4600
 LSS of Michigan   http://www.lssm.org    313.823.7700
 LSS of Minnesota   http://www.lssmn.org    800.582.5260
 LSS of New England   http://www.lssne.org    781.997.0800
 LSS of Southern California   http://lsssc.org    714.685.1800
 LSS of the Virgin Islands   http://www.lssvi.org    340.772.4409
 LSS of Wisconsin & Upper Michigan   http://www.lsswis.org    800.488.5181
 Luther Home of Mercy   http://www.lutherhome.org    419.836.7741
 Lutheran Housing Services, Inc   http://www.lutheranhousing.org    703.691.8525
 Lutheran Services in Iowa   http://www.lsiowa.org    319.352.2630
 Mill Neck Family of Organizations   http://www.millneck.org   800.264.0662
 Mosaic   http://www.mosaicinfo.org    877.3MOSAIC 
 Mount Olivet Rolling Acres   http://www.mtolivet.org    952.474.5974


Filling Homes is actively involved in helping to fight for the resources that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities need.

Filling Homes is a member of LSA (Lutheran Services in America), LSA-DN (Lutheran Services in America Disability Network), VFA (Values and Faith Alliance).

These agencies and networks look out and fight for the rights and well being of those individuals with developmental disabilities.

For more information on these organizations click on the links below.



Lutheran Ministries of Mercy


Lutheran Services in America


Disability Network


LSA-DN Public Policy and Advocacy

  National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals
  Ohio Alliance of Direct Support Professionals
  Ohio PATHS
LSA - Volunteer Leadership Network
VFA  VFA - Values & Faith Alliance
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